Still Holding onto Babel by Ruhan Janse van Vuuren (1981 -  )
Still Holding onto Babel, 2005, brown & white stone, resin, 760 x 300 x 300 mm, copy unique

Ruhan Janse van Vuuren (1981 - )



About the artwork



In the sculpture, Still holding onto Babel, two figures stand at a distance from each other. They are endlessly locked in this posture. The frozen posture of each figure, the artist explains, is a "calming posture it evokes empathy, sympathy and curiosity” (Janse Van Vuuren 2012). The work is about mirroring. Mirroring is here contemplated as both internal reflection and a mirroring of the external world. 



Janse van Vuuren’s background


Janse Van Vuuren was born in 1981 in Amersfoort, Mpumalanga. He studied Fine Art at the Pretoria Technikon and worked at Dionysus Sculpture Studio with Angus Taylor thereafter. Not only has Janse van Vuuren exhibited his own collections at galleries throughout the country, he has also worked on various public commissions independently. In collaboration with Andre Prinsloo, Janse van Vuuren completed the 9 meter high bronze statue of the former president Nelson Mandela at the Union Buildings, Pretoria.





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