God’s Rottweiler by Diane Victor (1964 -  )
God’s Rottweiler, 2005, charcoal and willow stick on paper, 630 x 1100 mm

Diane Victor (1964 - )



My interest in image making is linked to my interest as observer, as voyeur. Through the media of drawing and printmaking in which I normally work, I explore ways to exorcise the mass of images that build up in memory/minds eye... To 'draw out' these figures allow me to re-confront them in my own terms/territory. The physical and psychological interactions between people and the damage that these interactions invite are interesting to me, the surface of the human body acting as a recording device of the history/s of its owner. Flesh as document of desires and weaknesses... My drawing interests tend towards figuration and narrative.


(Diane Victor 2002)



About Victor’s art


Karen Von Veh (Rankin & von Veh, 2008: 50) explains that Victor’s subject matter mostly comments on the social, political and moral injustices of our time as well as the overlooked presence of violence, racial anxiety and sexual repression. Beneath the sometimes strong and repellent imagery of Victor’s work lies humour and satire, demonstrating her ability to achieve balance between seriousness and comedy. 


The images are drawn with incredible linear detail and generally described as being obsessive, figurative and narrative. Victor’s imagery is densely layered with meaning and symbolism and draws from her personal encounters and surroundings as well as various global historical, religious and mythological references.



Victor's background


Born 1964, Diane Victor received her BA Fine Arts Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1986, Johannesburg, majoring in Printmaking (cum laude). In addition to her national and international professional art career as print specialist and master draughts person, she is credited as being one of South Africa’s most influential visual art lecturers in printmaking and conceptual drawing. This highly talented artist, renowned for her expert etchings and charcoal drawings has established herself as a major figure in the South African and international art communities.





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