Bird in Hand by Claudette Schreuder (1972 -  )
Bird in Hand, 2007, bronze & enamel paint, 380 x 120 x 150 mm

Claudette Schreuder (1972 - )



About Schreuder’s art


Schreuder is particularly well known for her wooden carved and painted figures. Her work carries a strong narrative quality and often refers to traditional African storytelling. Originally her work was based on people she knew personally, such as family and friends, but recently her work portrays characters that represent specific aspects of humanity. She keeps her figures to a small scale. The small size plays a role in the feeling of suspended time and otherness that we experience as we contemplate these figures.


There is a sense of familiarity in Schreuders’ installations and in her use of iconography which is rather universal, such as the clothing, shoes and other characteristics of the figures. Schreuder says: ‘art that is solely about art is not as attractive to me as when there is life outside the work’ (Burger, L. Smith, K & Lizamore, T: 2005).



Schreuder’s background 


Claudette Schreuder was born in 1972 in Pretoria, she lives and works in Cape Town, where she graduated with  MA(FA) from the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 1998. Since 1997 her artwork has been exhibited in South Africa and internationally, freaquently in New York. In 2005 her first solo museum exhibition toured the United States. 





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